Personal Loans

Finance a dream vacation, borrow money for large purchases - such as cars, boats or computers - or use a personal loan to cover emergencies or other expenses. FNB has the loans you want, with a payment plan you can afford.*

At FNB, we think buying a car or purchasing or improving your home should be a breeze. Whatever your loan needs, chances are we can accommodate them with an FNB loan. We are determined to make your loan application process as effortless as possible. Our competitive interest rates and flexible terms add up to a FNB loan tailored to fit your needs.

Come see FNB - for all your borrowing needs!

Autos and Boats - Quick and Easy!

Tired of driving that old car? Ready for a change? Come see FNB! FNB's auto and boat loans can help you buy a new or used car, truck, van, boat or RV. Our loan approval process is quick and easy, so you can be approved before you go shopping. Our competitive fixed-rate loans let you enjoy affordable payments. And, with our fast loan approval, you can expect an answer within a few hours.

Secured Personal Loans

Let your balances work for you! Use your FNB Certificate of Deposit to get a loan in just a few hours. You can use your FNB CD to secure an installment or single-payment loan and borrow up to 100% of the principal balance of your CD. You save money when you secure your personal loan with your FNB CD, since you qualify for a discounted rate.

Land Loans

For building or farming... Purchasing that right piece of property is a big decision. Whether you're building that new house, ranching or farming, or using the property for recreational activities, we have convenient loan terms to fit your needs.

Agriculture Loans

For your farm or ranch! At FNB we have the agriculture loan to fit your needs. Whether you are a full-time or weekend farmer or rancher, we can tailor a loan just for you. We offer livestock, crop, tractor, and equipment loans at low interest rates and flexible terms.

Mortgage Loans

The First National Bank of Bellville makes home buying easy. Buying or building a new home for the first time can be a confusing process. Whether you're a first-time homebuyer, building a new home, or refinancing your existing mortgage, we have a loan that is right for you. You can trust us for quick processing, great rates, and friendly and knowledgeable Mortgage Lenders. And, your payments are serviced locally. When it comes to mortgage loans, consult with one of our friendly, experienced loan specialists. We care about what you have to say, and we do our best to answer any questions. Whether you're interested in a new home, vacation home or considering refinancing, our selection of mortgage loans can help. Let us show you how to save money on points and closing costs.

Fixed Rate Balloon Loans

Balloon loans provide a fixed rate for the term, and then the loan may be renewed at the current market rate for another balloon term. Please call 1-800-235-5737 for our current rates.

Construction Loans

Build that dream home! Getting the right loan to build your dream home requires a construction loan specialist…someone who understands your specific needs and can help you through the lending process. FNB offers a construction loan that refinances easily to a mortgage loan after your house is built.

Home Equity Loans

Tap into the equity you've built in your home! A home equity loan combines the power of a personal loan with the tax-saving benefits of a home mortgage loan, to give you the money you need for just about anything. In many cases, borrowing through a home equity loan is tax-deductible. However, you should consult with your tax advisor regarding tax deductibility. You may borrow up to 80% of the fair market value of your home, less outstanding liens or mortgages. Get the competitive rates you're looking for with convenient terms to fit your lifestyle. Call for current rates and terms.

Home Improvement Loans

FNB knows there's no place like home! Whether you want to enlarge or improve you home, our loans make it easy and affordable. Competitive, fixed rate provide flexible options to fit your budget. And, you have the convenient option to have your loan payment automatically deducted from you FNB checking account. We provide fast answers and courteous service. Call for current rates and terms.


*All loans subject to credit approval.