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Free Online banking

First National Bank's Online Banking allows you to do your banking over the Internet from the convenience of your home or office. With Online Banking you can securely:

  • View account balances,
  • View daily transaction detail,
  • Transfer money between accounts,
  • Receive account alerts when a balance goes above or below a certain amount
  • And much more!

Explore a demo of FNB's Online Banking System for Personal Banking!

Explore a demo of FNB's Online Banking System for Business/Cash Management
Please note: This demo includes instructions how to make wire transfers which unfortunately will not be available at this time.

FNB offers Online Bill Pay FREE! Try our Online Bill Pay today. You’ll be glad you did!

 Information Security is a top priority of First National Bank of Bellville.
You will NEVER be asked to furnish personal information, such as social security numbers, account numbers, or passwords via email or other electronic means. If ever asked to furnish any personal information, please ignore the request and contact the bank directly at 800-235-5737.
As always feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Click here for more tips on safeguarding your information.

Things You Can Do To…
Avoid Costly Scams Involving Fake Checks and Money Orders

Consumers and businesses often lose thousands of dollars in transactions with con artists.

There’s been explosive growth in counterfeit personal and business checks, cashier’s checks and money orders in the last few years, due in part to new technologies and the growth of the Internet for transactions among strangers. But, what’s especially troubling is that individual consumers and businesses are losing significant sums in these scams – often thousands of dollars – because they deposited a check from a stranger, withdrew the funds and then sent money or merchandise before their financial institution discovered that the check was fraudulent.

In these cases, the depositor most likely will be held responsible for the entire amount of the fraudulent check. Why? Because by depositing the check and withdrawing money, the consumer is taking responsibility for the funds that have been spent or sent before the check is found to be worthless. And often the withdrawal cannot be cancelled or reversed, especially with wire transfers, in which funds are transferred out of the account immediately. Also, the person who receives the check usually is in the best position to realize that it may not be good.

Click here for more information on how to avoid costly check fraud scams.

 Identity Theft

Tips for Safeguarding Your Information. Click here to learn more.

Online Banking has always been secure.
Online users are asked to submit a unique User ID and Password to validate their identity and “authenticate” themselves online in order to gain access to personal account information. First National Bank of Bellville has added a powerful extra layer of online security.

How does this extra layer of security work? Device profiling is performed at each login to determine if the customer is using a device typical for that customer. If the customer is logging in to an unrecognized device, they are required to complete Out-of-Band Authentication. Out-of-Band Authentication allows the customer to verify their identity through the use of a one-time security code. Out-of-Band Authentication is completed by phone call or text message. When customers use a phone call to confirm their identity, they must first select a phone number from the numbers on record in Online Banking. The customer must use this phone to say or enter the one-time security code displayed within Online Banking. When customers use text message to confirm their identity, they need to enter their mobile phone number to give permission to send the text message. The one-time security code is delivered to the mobile phone by text message and the customer enters the code into their Online Banking. By using Out-of-Band Authentication, you can be confident and feel even more secure with your online banking experience.

NOTICE: The bank is not responsible for and has no control over the subject matter,
content, information or graphics of the web sites that have links here.
Please contact us with any concerns or comments.

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